Real Drilling, Fake Teeth

Good afternoon!

I just got back from my ergonomics lab! The lab’s main focus is posture, because believe it or not, you cannot sit hunched over for 8 hours a day without consequences. So to practice said posture, we get to use the handpieces and drills! Today we focused on using indirect sight, ie. the mirror. Surprisingly, I really liked using the mirror – I felt like I could see more haha. I think this is really just the nature of the learn-a-prep we were using, which is just a chalk block. The actually drilling is difficult. One wrong move, and you just destroyed a patient’s dentin. Thankfully, we’re just working on mannequins and practice blocks 😀

Indirect sight of the maxillary Learn-a-Prep

Indirect sight of the maxillary Learn-a-Prep

Highlights of Ergonomics lab:

1. Actually feel like a dentist

2. Get to drill

3. Using a mirror

4. Pass/Fail (no grades on your awful drilling! Wait until operative and perio…)

5. Everyone is starting from the same skill level!

10 Reasons Everyone Should Try A Long-Distance Relationship At Least Once

I was initially surprised by how many LDRs can be found among my classmates, but I guess it makes sense. We’re at the point in our lives when we want to include other people. I found this article rather encouraging 🙂
Hope you enjoy it!
-Dr. ToothGirl

Thought Catalog

Nobody sets out to be in a long distance relationship. No one is like, “I think I’d rather NOT see my significant other that often, but then spend all my money on plane tickets.” But with jobs, school, and amazing opportunities abroad, it’s just so easy to accidentally fall into one. Still, it doesn’t have to mean your relationship is doomed. When both parties are both truly committed and secure with themselves, it can be surprisingly fun to have two places to spend your time. Here are ten reasons to not despair over your LDR:

1.You have the emotional security of a partner, but the bustling social life of a single lady (that goes for men, too. Everyone knows single ladies have the most fun).

Nice as it is to share every waking moment with your person, it’s so easy to get caught in that antisocial cycle of comfort and…

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Waxing Woes

My work in progress

I really need to practice waxing. IT IS SO HARD TO WAX A MOLAR OH MY GOD.

It has been made very apparent that waxing is not my forte, but when I had my tooth assessed on Friday during lab, I had so many things right! Only a few things wrong — 3/8 embrasures weren’t open enough, occlusal table needed to be more defined, cusps were a little too buccal — and still was told it was an 82-85% tooth :\ That is very hard to an A-student-her-whole-life to hear. Adjusting and working hard – that’s what this year is about, I guess. I have 1.5 weeks to get better at this molar!

2013-10-12 13.59.13


Finger rests (on your ring finger) are really important to steady your hand and act as a fulcrum. For those of you preparing to enter dental school, this is what you have before you. Some people are really good at waxing — in fact that guy who sits next to me is pretty amazing. My professor challenged him to get 100% on his practical. Pretty impressive.

Hope those of you interviewing are enjoying your time! Remember to really try to picture yourself at that school. It makes a world of difference when it comes decision time. And if you have any questions about interviewing, secondaries, etc, please shoot me a message or comment below! Good luck!

Relaxation?! I have time for that?


Last week, I became CPR/AED certified! Surprisingly, I remembered how to do it from my 8th grade health class. 2013-10-12 13.44.35Turns out I have learned things during my lifetime. However, I didn’t know how to use an AED (defibrillator) until my class last week. It’s easy enough, you just turn it on and listen to the directions. Apparently, they are located all over the public — airports, grocery stores, stadiums, etc. I will definitely be on the lookout for them, now!

For those of you not certified, that doesn’t mean you should just sit around when someone becomes unresponsive. If they aren’t breathing, call 911 and start chest compressions. Just keep doing that until someone more experienced arrives. When chest compressions are started within 10 seconds from the moment they stop breathing, their chances of survival are tremendously increased. So if nothing else, start chest compressions. Don’t worry about breaking or bruising ribs. If you’re doing it right, that’s exactly what is going to happen because you are literally squeezing the heart between the front and back of the rib cage.

A week from this past Thursday was our Micro exam, and afterward, my class went on a Pirate Cruise. It was an interesting time. We dressed up like pirates and got on this boat that drove us around the harbor. We played games and got temporary tattoos. It was fun to dress up! Preparing us for Halloween, maybe.

2013-10-08 14.18.03

Full mouth series mount for fake patient #1

The other day I had radiology lab. During lab I had to mount a full mouth series, which means I had to sort the radiographs into the correct orientation and then label the teeth present in each image. Then, I had to determine whether it was a diagnostic image or not, which essentially means, can you use that image to make a good diagnosis on the teeth and surrounding structures. It was kind of fun!

I’m still volunteering! This morning, I was able to demystify conversions in chemistry, which was so rewarding. She actually understood it! And on Monday, I’m going to the Ronald McDonald House for activity time with the kids. Honestly, it just makes me feel good. 🙂

Right now, things are slow WHICH IS AMAZING BY THE WAY. This past week and the coming one have NO EXAMS. Hallelujah. I’m trying to get ahead a little in my studying actually so that I don’t hate my life during the coming months. I start Gross Anatomy in November, and my friends and I have been referring to that as “the Dark Times.” Basically what I’m saying is we are super pumped.

Thanks for reading!


Time is just slipping by so quickly! Yesterday, I took my first DENTAL SCHOOL FINAL! I can’t believe I’ve already completed a class. To celebrate the fact that we literally never have to take Cell Bio again (!!!!!!!!!!), a bunch of us went out last night. It was so much fun! I hadn’t been to that part of town, but it was exciting, and nice to just get away for a little while! PS. It was a country bar 😀

On top of that milestone, I also started three new classes this week: Nutrition, Scientific Based Evidence, and Periodontology. Perio seems pretty cool. I’ve only had the one class so far, but it was actually interesting. He showed us a video a video in class. Without warning, the video shows some person’s gums being literally cut open! I was not prepared for that at all. They were performing a flap surgery (I’m not sure if that’s the literal term). Essentially what they do is peel the gums back, remove dead tissue, place new tissue, and sew the gums back up. When the blood mixes with the spit, oh my goodness it looks gross haha. I’m hoping I will eventually get over that.

The other two classes are fine. Nutrition was about minerals this week. Scientific Based Evidence explain the scientific method. Not kidding. We literally spent an hour reviewing the scientific method. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had 5th grade science. The most worthless lecture I’ve had.

I’ve also been working on waxing a premolar. I think I’m doing ok. I called a professor over to assess my work, and he was the least helpful. He gave me no feedback except that I “shouldn’t be ashamed of a B tooth.” Well, thank you. I wasn’t ashamed of my non-graded tooth until YOU TOLD ME NOT TO BE. And then, and then, he proceeded to tell me I had to figure out what makes an A tooth and “What works for you? You don’t want B work; you want A work.” That was so enlightening! Thank you! I have never been more excited to be told what I already know! But, I’m pretty sure it’s your job to explain how to improve. So after he left, I immediately called another professor over to reassess my work. She was very nit-picky but it was awesome. I did happen to make awkward eye contact with that first professor as the other one was assessing my tooth. Oops.

Getting Involved, Despite the Work


Quick update. I’ve had a few more exams since my last post =O This seems to be my life haha. Take an exam, come home, relax for the day, start studying for the next one.

I did finally get my practical grade back. I didn’t do as well as I was hoping 😦 The feedback is hard to gauge because you are just graded by numbers in a column; there isn’t a whole lot of written feedback concerning why you got the grade you did, which is frustrating. But after I got that back, I had to start my first waxing of a premolar. This is much more difficult than the incisor simply because there is so much more area to cover! And the grooves! Oh boy, those grooves and I are going to be best friends. Funny enough, I had a professor assess my tooth at the end of the lab session, and while I thought it was poorly done, he thought it was great. I even had another one come over and say the same thing! Maybe I should get my eyes checked. Too much staring at a computer screen may finally be taking its toll!

Over the weekend, I also had my birthday!! It was lovely 🙂 On the same day, I started my5194864-realistic-vector-illustration-of-a-shiny-balloons volunteer tutoring, as well! I am already in love with the program. We tutor middle and high school kids in their basic subjects. I taught geometry on Saturday. I can’t believe I even remember geometry! I did have to pull some classic tutor moves, though. I couldn’t remember how to solve a problem, so I asked the student to walk me through how he would solve it. Boom. Now I know how to do the problem 😀 #winning

I also got some surprise packages and letters for my birthday! I was so excited, because birthdays are so much fun! So overall, my birthday was pretty nice 🙂

Todaaaaay, I was inducted into the American Association of Women Dentists. It was really nice, and I’m pretty pumped to be part of such a great organization. The national president is actually the faculty member of our organization, so our chapter is pretty important! They’re all about creating a community, so I think I’ll fit in well. In fact, I was chatting with a D3, and she mentioned assisting in the clinics at school. So I think I’m going to work on doing that! I’ve never assisted before, so this should be interesting haha.